Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog 15: This is the End, Beautiful Friend the End

This will be the last post of this blog. It has been a long time coming and I will miss writing for this class. Surprisingly, I actually found this part of the class to be enjoyable, informative, as well as easy to get done. This is odd as I did not generally write on a weekly basis prior to this course. Through writing this blog I have discovered much about who I am and much about the marketing world. Yes, that is correct, this post is going to be about what I have learned. Let us begin by listing off some objectives that I have met:
  1. Time Management
  2. Writing Skills
  3. Ethical Dilemmas
  4. Team-Building
  5. Consumer Behavior
Time Management: Prior to this class I was always procrastinating and putting off assignments till the last moment. I was reluctant to put in extra work or to do parts of work over the course of many days. Due to the high volume of assignments and the multitude of due dates in this class I quickly learned that this lifestyle was ill suited to succeed in this course (or in any course really.) I have seen positive growth in the amount of time I spend on assignments and a steady decline in the amount of time spent procrastinating across the board. As an example I have finished my final homework assignment in Music Theory II two days before it is due. I have finally developed useful Type A personality traits and my stress levels have gone done because of the structure of my schedule.

Writing Skills: I have developed two different writing styles through Marketing. On the creative side this blog itself has allowed me to develop my own style and tone (described as conversational) that I have used to express my interests, doubts, insights, and marketing often in the same post. I have learned how to write what comes to mind and not waste time thinking of the perfect line. On the business writing side I have continued to hone in on writing clearly and concisely. This allows for easy understanding by an outside observer as well as someone close to the subject itself. I personally enjoy simpler and easily understandable writing as opposed to long overblown writing. I believe it is why I have an appreciation for Hemingway. What one writes should have a point and not leave the reader scratching his head or running to a dictionary. 

Ethical Dilemmas:  I approached these on several occasions over the course of this blog on a personal level. I had difficulty reconciling my thoughts about Punk and my thoughts about the business world. I have finally discovered that there can be a reconciliation. The video promotion project proved this. The idea of sustainability and social change is inherent in Punk and has become increasingly important in the corporate world. The My Marketing Lab content also aided this as it discussed the initiatives that the Life Is Good brand takes to improve the lives of children and the world community. From a business perspective, the effects that advertising has on children and the position that Coke has in Africa were incredibly important to me in developing my own ethical standing on these kinds of business issues. It is very important that a person can relate an ethical dilemma both on a personal level and on a social/political/business level and this course was very effective at driving this point home. 

Team-Building: A large portion of marketing involves interaction with other people, as scary as that can be. Throughout this course I have had several instances where teamwork was both required and necessary for success. The NewShoes simulation was most effective at improving my team-building skills. I actively took a leadership role which I would never have done prior to this course. I discovered the importance of patience and understanding that a leader needs to have especially with two incredibly soft-spoken partners. I also applied outside skills learned from the IT Helpdesk to aid my partners when they had difficulty using Excel and other tech based issues that came up. My improvements as a writer were effective in editing our team reflection which I took the responsibility for. In my Acoustics course I was also able to apply these skills with another group showing that these skills extend beyond one class. 

Consumer Behavior: This lesson stems most from the business world and is mainly applied to it. Through my near obsession with shoes (my Vans collection has grown again) I have seen how my own actions are shaped by a company and how I shape a company. This the definition of marketing. A company has created value for me and I have given value in return. Consumers ultimately buy what a company is and not what it makes. Vans is a company that places value on independence, personal expression, and creativity. I buy Vans because these ideas are central to who I am. I was an early adopter of the Vans mission.  I can now understand how consumers make decisions and behave because I can now identify my own behavior and decision process. 

These are the main objectives I sought to complete over the course of the semester in this class. Though not all directly related to marketing, they can be applied to it. This shows the reach that marketing has into ones life. I will continue to apply these as I complete my final two years of college. This blog has been incredibly useful in discovering these ideas and for being a soapbox for my own ideas. Now I will let The Doors send this marketing blog off for its final post. This is The End.

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