Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog 14: Winding Down

With only one week left of school it is fitting that this post speaks of endings. Last week was incredibly busy as most of my weeks on campus have been. I had presentations in several classes on top of wind ensemble rehearsal, work-study, my first date, auditions for the MLK talent show, performing in the MLK talent show, P-day, and the inevitable recovery from P-day-day. This all signals that the end of the semester is nigh. My work load has lessened from finishing two of the main projects from the semester. All that is left for major work is my 10-page research paper for History of Jazz. I am very pleased with myself.

This semester has been the toughest both emotionally and academically for me but I have pushed through it and accomplished so much. The amount of work I have put into this marketing class is astronomical and the results I have seen on Canvas shows that hard work truly pays off. This course has allowed me to change my lifestyle and get motivated to achieve my goals.

One way my life has changed references an early post in this very blog. My second post was about getting organized and I have seen the results of that both in and out of the classroom. My work is almost always done well in advance of the next class and my increased focus from being organized has allowed me to still have an active social life. I am far more responsible for my own actions now as I took the initiative to change my major, apply for the WWPV E-board, apply for summer work-study, apply for summer housing, apply for a study trip, petition into a class, spend several hours outside of class to work on a video project at the same time as work on a presentation for a separate class, and enter a committed relationship without procrastinating or being forced by authority figures like parents or professors.

I have also become a more effective leader. At the IT Helpdesk I am often asked for my advice by the newer members of our staff though I am not technically a lead yet. I will be one step closer to this rank as I work here over the summer. I will be even more knowledgeable and adept as a leader and I will be able to share my knowledge with the younger generation. In several of my group projects I was more able to present my opinions effectively and do equal if not more work than my partners.

Ultimately, what I want to express is that marketing is an effective way to learn valuable skills not only for the workplace but also for life. It is how one markets oneself and the effort one puts into it that really counts in the long run. Though I have my disagreements with some of the aspects of marketing I cannot deny its importance and power. I will continue to take these lessons in stride even after this last week of my sophomore year.

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