Monday, April 21, 2014

Blog 13: Better Late Than Never

Easter break has come and gone and in that time I forgot to write my blog! There are a variety of reasons for this:

  1. I was taking time to rest and recharge with friends and family
  2. I was focused on completing other assignments in my other classes
  3. I don't always have something to write

However, during this time of oversight, of which I have many, I have found inspiration!

Two months ago I applied for summer work-study. With three weeks left of school, I am still waiting for an answer. As expected I am very nervous about this. I am unable to plan my summer and I do not want to work back at the grocery store. The worst part is that it is out of my hands. The school will decide my fate. Now you may be asking "What is the point?" Well I will do my best to tell you!

The main point I want to get across is that at some point it comes down to the individual to take matters into his own hands. I have harped on my boss at the Helpdesk every week to see if he can convince whoever is in charge of deciding summer work-study students to get a move on. He even has a say in who works for him! Another example is the application I sent in for the Ghana drumming trip. Within five hours of receiving the application form I had filled it out and sent it in. This shows two things. First, that I am enthusiastic about the trip because of the speed I filled it out. Second, that I am a intent on making my goals become a reality. Any person trying to enter the business world should be enthusiastic and hardworking to achieve their goals. The corporate world is highly competitive and the more aggressive you market yourself the more likely you are to succeed.

Another aspect of this post I would like to point out is that even if something is not done right away or done with hesitation it is still worth it to complete that task. I am two days late submitting this post. I could have cut my losses and enjoyed the rest of my first night back at school relaxing and playing guitar. However, I knew this was an obligation and I am still required to complete it to the best of my abilities. I received the application for summer work-study a month before I filled it out. I filled it out later than I should have but I still completed the application. When you want something done, you have to do it, especially if it is important to the individual.

This post is terrible. It is rambling and poorly written but it is completed. The moral of the story is this: better late than never. Take this as you will.

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