Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blog 1: Nice Try Kid, Marketing is for You!

This past week (1/13/14-1/17/14) was the first week of classes and that meant another semester of having no idea what I was getting myself into. This is one result of that.

Marketing: What is it? Before the class and from my own experience working for The Big Y chain of grocery stores back home, I felt that it was all about brainwashing customers into purchasing something they didn't need and there are still times it seems like that, but it is far more complex and interesting. Perhaps its actually a positive?

I was shocked at myself when that question first entered my mind, but then i looked something very near and dear to my heart: Nice Try Kid.

First, a little history. Nice Try Kid is a pop-punk band hailing from my homeland (Western Ma/Eastern New York) made up of (currently) 4 really cool dudes. I'm good friends with the two guitar players, Bryan and Tom, and their sister, Jess. This means I'm in the know with the band and get all the updates earlier than other fans. They've performed all around Berkshire County and the Albany area of New York, even venturing as far as Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania to play gigs. As with any band, you want people to know your name. To do this, they started printing t-shirts and having stickers made and have even had custom guitar picks made! Now, you may say "So how does this relate to marketing?" Well thank you for asking!

In this first week we learned of the four Ps: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.
  1. Product-What stands out? Why would a customer want this product or service?
  2. Place-Where are customers going to find this product or service? How will the product be distributed?
  3. Price-What should the product or service cost, especially considering the competition and the market?
  4. Promotion-Why would a customer choose this product? How will you convince the customer? How will this be communicated? 
Let us take the Nice Try Kid guitar pick as an example. As for product, it has a Nice Try Kid graphic and it is made from a glow-in-the-dark material. This could make a customer want this product. The customer can find these picks at any of Nice Try Kid's shows and they are distributed from the merchandise table which I occasionally run. Price is where their marketing skills fall short for this product, as they are free. The promotion aspect of the pick is very good though. It communicates the bands name and it is easy to get to people at shows by throwing a pick at the end of the set. It is also incredibly portable. So much in such a small object!

So what is marketing? It is about building a relationship with customers that will benefit both parties. The term that was learned in class was "creating value". It is about connecting with people. It can even be applied to the self.

Now I see that marketing applies to the music I love and I'm sure that I will begin to notice it more and more in the other parts of my life. I can only ask this question now: What will happen next?

All Nice Try Kid material used with permission from the group

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